Lease business, beauty salon, manicure 350,000.- baht


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Lease business, beauty salon, manicure 350,000.- baht
With new equipment .. can open the customer service immediately. Get the property .. Pang Pang
In the lease, the seller will receive a deposit of 105,000.- baht (including the sale fee). That means you will only pay 245,000.- baht for the sale.

Details in the building
4 4 storey commercial building next to the front of Jomtien Road, only 1 unit, can live, fully furnished, can be used for business and residences
Floor. 2. There are 2 rooms. Can put the eyelash extension bed. And able to massage the face (with wardrobe and table)

This floor can do massage.
Floor 3. There are 2. Fan rooms, beds, dressing tables. wardrobe
3rd floor, people are renting both rooms. 3,500 = 7,000.-

Level 4 has an air-conditioned room. 2. Air-conditioned rooms and furnitures, beds, dressing tables. wardrobe
Step 4 There is already someone renting 1 room at 5,500. Baht.

Can stay
The location is very suitable for doing business.
Near Jomtien road
200 meters from the beach, Jomtien Beach, Dongtan curved
Building 2 of in front of Jomtien Road
Good location, cheap price

If interested, please contact Manatanan 090-938 0335
(line) modty-plump

Office 033-641-552 , 063-887-8993