Sell ​​land with buildings and construction permits.


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Property code .. 90185 ...
#Sales of land and buildings with a construction license
And construction drawings and licenses
Can be decorated, added
Nowadays, it is a warehouse with its own accommodation.
Size 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 living room, 1 kitchen
Usable area 510 sq.m.
Land area 85 sq.w.
Nowadays it is a shop that sells beer and liquor.
There are about 35 regular customers that deliver everyday.
Will continue to do business
There are 8 CCTV cameras, plus 3 air conditioners.
And a backup water tank, electricity supply system

Nearby Places

Nakhonchai Air Bus Terminal 100 meters
Bangkok Hospital, Pattaya, 10 minutes
Terminal 21 10 minutes
Harbor Mall 5 minutes
Central Pattaya Beach 10 minutes
Big C South Pattaya, central 5 minutes
Local Pattaya, 5 minutes
Rai Wanasin Fresh Market 5 minutes
And a nearby market, 5 minutes
U-Tapao Airport, 30 minutes

And many tourist attractions in Pattaya

Offering price at 13,000,000 baht

If interested, call (Somkiat) / 099-2529262
ID 0875342516 Mr. Somkiat
Office ERA 033-641552
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